Video DVD Tyros 5 step by step (English/German)

Video DVD Tyros 5 step by step (English/German)

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The DVD «Tyros 5 Step by Step» explains and shows all the details and functions of Tyros 5. It includes not only the tutorials but also an extensive data part with 126 registrations on 23 banks, 10 registration templates for applications like «playing organ», «ensemble voices» or templates for special effect settings, pedals settings and preferences for ensemble voices. You will also find PDF scores, background graphics, which can be shown directly on the display of Tyros 5, special user effects, samples, audio data, MIDI-files and multi pads.

«Tyros 5 step by step» is more than a tutorial DVD. It offers the possibility to reproduce all topics of the chapters on your own instrument with the support of the registrations. This makes learning easier than ever before.

The DVD supports beginners as well as pros. «Tyros 5 step by step» consists of 2 video parts and 1 data part:

part 1(2:25 h):
- Introduction
- Priority Elements
- Preferences
- Registrations
- Registration templates
- Milestones
- Accessories
- Music Finder
- System Upgrade
- Controllers
- MIDI-files & Playlists

part 2 (1:52 h)
- Ensemble Voices
- Organ World 
- Audio Linked Multi Pads
- audio functions
- Yamaha Expansion Manager
- Voice Edit
- Mixer & VCM effects
- MFC-10
- Advanced Features

data part:
- 126 registrations, 23 banks
- 10 registration templates
- MIDI-files
- audio-samples
- scores (PDF)
- User Ensemble-Voices
- special VCM-reverb user effects 
- 3 Multi-Pad-banks
- PDFs for additional topics like «Expansion Manager»

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