PSR-S550 step by step - Video-DVD, English, German

PSR-S550 step by step - Video-DVD, English, German

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Video DVD (PAL, 16 :9) English/German

You should download the corresponding settings (registration memories) for a better understanding of your instrument. So you can reproduce all the settings step by step.

- 120 Min
- 13 chapters
- YAMAHA PSR-S550 explained step by step
many helpful tips: playing wth sounds and effects, playing with styles, registration memories, control the bass of the auto accompaniment, recording of MIDI-Files & styles and much more...

- introduction
- preferences
- basic operations
- accessories
- one-touch-settings (OTS)
- registrations & part mixer
- registration concepts
- Sweet!,- Cool!- & Live!-sounds
- style sections & AutoFill
- recording & editing of MIDI-Files
- playing with styles
- recording of styles

user comments:

Alex Kruger from USA wrote:
Your service is outstanding! I will definitely recommend your DVD to others.

Wilson from UK wrote:
Hi Thoralf,I have just recieved your "PSR S550 step by step" DVD. Thank you for the prompt delivery. Your instructional video is easy to understand and follow. I will definitely recommend it to my peers! Thank you!



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